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about the artist

Each of Rebecca Whitaker's wall hangings is an invitation to be present, to discover self, and to experience the joy of being. As a self-taught fiber artist, Rebecca considers her work to be a meditative practice, one that allows her to surrender in a symbolic way, finding that the beauty and meaning in each piece intuitively unfolds as she steps out of her mind and into her heart, trusting the materials and her hands to guide her. 


Frequently inspired by patterns in nature, Rebecca’s work focuses on earthy color tones and consistencies, using fiber materials such as wool, cotton, linen and silk. She seeks to create both a visual, tactile, and emotional experience for the viewer by intricately weaving meaning and memory into texture and color. 


Rebecca's handwoven wall hangings, both small and large scale, have been statement pieces in private residences and public spaces around the world.

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