about the artist

beauty in pieces

For the longest time I have found inspiration in cracked stone and impurities in marble. I kept coming back to fractures, cracks, and stratum, fascinated by the layers, the small slivers, and sometimes rivers of stone that were frozen in time. In my journey to understand my art, I was coming to understand myself and learn from the nature that inspired me. The earth doesn’t hide her history. She also doesn’t define herself solely by her past. Rather, she presents herself as a whole: fractures, cracks, impurities and all.  

Healing means understanding that we don’t have to hide the fractures in our soul. The goal isn’t to get back the innocence we lost or become the person we were before “it happened.” The goal is to face those broken pieces, acknowledge and accept them, then step back and recognize the beauty we are as a complete being. We are more than just our brokenness. Every aspect of our lives transform as we see ourselves as whole, despite our imperfections. 

I strongly believe that so much good can come from sharing our stories and being authentic about who we are and what we’ve been through. I choose to share my story through fiber, hoping to validate and inspire others along the way. 

Rebecca Whitaker