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A Daisy Crown

With little braids and flowers hidden in her tangled hair

She danced in the grass and collected the little treasures

Offered to her by nature.

She smiled at nothing and everything, always ready to laugh

She sang more than she talked,

Endlessly exploring melodies like the birds

She so often imagined having conversations with.

As she grew, her pure and innocent heart

Became sensitive to the demands of the world.

And for the sake of belonging,

She wished for different clothes, new music, a new style.

She drank things she didn’t enjoy,

Smiled less to be cool,

And forgot how much she loved to be herself.

She learned to fit, to blend, to mold,

To pretend to be one thing

And convince herself it was what she wanted.

But deep inside, stunted in her bloom,

Was a little girl whose spark still glowed

With a longing to live, to love, to grow.

She’s been finding her way out from the shadows

Stepping timidly and gratefully into the light.

She’s laid down the script

Writing her own melodies again

Trading her mask for a daisy crown

And her costume for a scepter of wildflowers

The girl who once loved herself and life with abandon

Filled with wonder and joy at the beauty around her

Is finding her voice

Letting herself dance

She’s finally found her way back to the stars.

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